• Born 10August 1961 at Mangwana Village Chivi Ward 11, Son of MabasaVengesai Mangwana and Sabina Mangwana.

  • Did Primary Education at Mangwana School from Sub A to Standard 2 (1968 – 1972)

  • Completed Primary at Mashaba Primary School (1973 – 1975)

  • Secondary education ;-Gokomere High School (1976 – 1981) i.e. Form 1 to Form 6

Tertiary Education

  • Bachelor of Law Honours at University of Zimbabwe (1982 – 1984)

  • Bachelor of Laws (1985)

Registered as a legal practitioner 1986

Opened his own law firm and first business in 1987. Up to now Senior Partners of Mangwana and Partners now 27 years as a lawyer.


o Married to PaulineMangwana with four (4) children three (3) sons and one (1) daughter.


o Has business interests in Law, Properties, Agriculture, Mining, Pharmaceutical and Retail


  • A war collaborator who participated in the liberation struggle between 1976 - 1979.

  • A member of the ZANU (PF) Youth League from 1980 – 1987.

  • A former Secretary for AdministrationMashonaland West Province. (ZANU (PF)

  • ZANU PF Central committee member since 2004


  • Member of Parliament since 2000 to 2014 – now thirteen (13) years in Parliament.
  • Government Minister from 2000 to 2009 in the following:-

    2000 - Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication

    2001 - Justice, Legal and Parliament Affairs Minister

    2002 - State Enterprise and Parastatals Minister 

    2003 -2004 - Minister of Public Service,Labour and Social Welfare

    2000-2009. - Government Minister in various ministries

    2009-20014 - Chairperson of parliamentary select committee on the drafting of the new constitution 

    2005 - Minister of Anti- Corruption and Anti- Monopolio Acting Minister of Information and Publicity

    2007 – 2009 - Minister of Indigenization and Empowerment Acting Minister of Information and Publicity


  • Appointed Co- Chairman of Parliamentary Select on New Constitution – COPAC (2009 -2013)
  • Member of standing Rules and orders committee of Parliament (Board of Directors of Parliament)
  • Member of justice and Parliamentary Portfolio committee
  • Member of Parliamentary Legal Committee. The committee which approves the constitutionality of all proposed laws in the country

Present Position

  • Member of Parliament for Chivi Central Constituency from 2008 – 2013.


  • Spearheaded the writing of the New Constitution of Zimbabwe – COPAC
  • Leader of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the constitution- COPAC.
  • Ensured that the constitution preserved and achieved the following:-

    i) The values of the liberation struggle
    ii) Benefits for war collaborators
    iii) Increased representation of women in Parliament
    iv) Irreversibility of land Reform Programme
    v) Empowerment of our people. Natural resources to benefit communities
    vi) Traditional leadership is respected
    vii) Benefits to old people 
    viii) Welfare of disabled
    ix) Bill of rights with socio- economics rights



  • Built the following schools:

i) Domboshava Secondary School - Ward 14

ii) ChishavakadziSecondary School – Ward 21

iii) Assisted in constructing school blocks at Chitenderano Secondary School – Ward 11

iv) Teachers' home at Mangwana School

v) Classroom at Muvhundusi Primary School – Ward 12

  • Established the M.P. Mangwana Trust which is sponsoring 300 (Three Hundred) childen in the constituency funded by my own business.

  • Supplied school books to all schools in the constituency

Rural Electrification

Coordinated the electrification of the following school:-

  • Mazorodze Primary

  • Chinembiri Secondary

  • Zhara Primary

  • Jaka Primary

  • St. Martins Mhomho

  • Mupagamuri Primary

  • Border Munaka Secondary

  • Arch Munaka Secondary

  • Run'ai Primary

  • Mandiva Primary

  • Chiwanza Secondary

  • Nyevedzanai Primary

  • ChibiTurn- Off Business Centre

Health and Clinics

  • Is constructing a new clinic at Mazhaugwe Business Centre in Ward 12

  • Opened new clinic at Chirogweward 17

Water and Sanitation

  • Established a borehole at Chamatutu Primary School ward 17

  • Supplied a 5000 Liter tank at Masunda South Primary School in Ward 16

  • Liaised with Zvishavane Water Project for an extensive establishing of toilets and elephant water pumps in Wards 11 and 12.


  • Invited AGRIBANK to open a branch at Chivi. The first bank in Chivi history


Caused all the cell phone networks to establish base stations in the entire constituency so that the whole constituency is now net worked.
One can phone from anywhere.

Road Net work

Established the following new roads:-

  • Undembe road – ward 17

  • Chivi – Mazhangwe road – ward 12

  • Mhatiwa road – ward 16

  • Mapaike road – Ward 15

Income Generating Projects

  • Initiated setting up

  • Established chicken rearing projects (Layers) and distributed 20 000 chickens in all the wards with constituency.

  • Established rural bakeries in each and every VIDCO in Chivi Central and donated 8000kgs of flour.

  • Established broiler projects on a pass on basis in each and every ward. So far 10 000 birds have been donated.

  • Promoted horticultural gardens in all wards.

  • Donated irrigation pumps to Nyambi Irrigation Scheme – Wards 11 and Tadzoka Garden Ward 12.

  • Resuscitated Musvungwa Irrigation 700 small holder farmer have benefited

  • Is in the process of establishing drip irrigation schemes in the entire constituency.

  • Organized goat resaring projects with Zvishavane .

  • Water project in wards 11, 12 and 15.

Cattle Fattening

  • Established subsidized cattle fattening schemes in the entire constituency. The programme is still going on.

Rural Saving Club

  • In the process of establishing rural savings clubs to empower Rural Communities



  • Established soccer and netball Tournament for Chivi and the constituency.